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Welcome to Macclesfield’s Fly Fishing Club

Covid Update for club members ...

Following Government and Angling Trust advice/guidelines the club rivers will be open to club members only from tomorrow,

Wednesday 13th May, 2020, also with United Utilities permission we can now return to Ridgegate Reservoir.

 The latest Angling Trust safety guidelines for fishing should be followed and can be read in this document.

Day and Guest tickets are suspended until further notice. Disinfectant Hand Gel should be added to your fishing kit.

The Fishing Hut at Ridgegate should not be used and the minimum separation whilst fishing is 15 metres.

Please take care and stay safe.


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Macc Express

Macclesfield Flyfishers Club are re-running 2 month trial memberships.

This will run 1st June to 31st July, applicants can only participate in one trial period

Click HERE to download the trial membership application form

Membership vacancies are available. For details see the “how to join us” page.


Macclesfield Flyfishers’ Club (MFFC) is a small and friendly club run by enthusiastic anglers wanting to promote quality fly fishing to like minded folk.

MFFC was founded in 1949 by a small group of fly fishing enthusiasts. This soon expanded to a limited number of members as additional water was acquired. The Club is proud to be able to cater for both the stillwater and river fly fisher, providing a variety of quality fly fishing water.

The Club’s main water is Ridgegate reservoir, a 30 acre reservoir, leased from United Utilities, situated on the south west edge of the Peak National Park in Macclesfield Forest. A water that has shown over the years that fish can grow on naturally at significant rates. In addition the Club also owns the fishing rights to approximately 8 miles of the upper River Dane along the Cheshire-Staffordshire border and a large portion of one of its tributaries, Clough Stream.

Easy access and parking to Ridgegate reservoir is available along the roadside adjoining the reservoir. The reservoir is stocked regularly throughout the season with high quality brown and rainbow trout from approved suppliers.

Access to the Club’s fishing on the River Dane is by arrangement with various local farmers with parking available. Fishing is a little more challenging, with lengthy walks available on some stretches for the more adventurous angler all the way up the Back Dane to Three Shires Head. Our rivers are kept as a wild fisheries for the enthusiast to enjoy sport with the indigenous wild brown trout population.

All our waters are recognized as having prolific fly hatches throughout the season with tremendous hatches of mayfly (Ephemera vulgata) especially on the reservoir from late May through to mid-July in most years. This species hatch is supplemented with good hatches of buzzers, lake olives, damsel flies, caenis and sedges through the season along with falls of terrestrials such as hawthorn fly and crane fly (daddy-long-legs) at other times of the season.

On the river there are hatches of various up-wing ephemera species and sedge to keep the angler occupied. 

Mayfly Dun
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